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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the housing market is rebounding. home sales are on track to hit a five-year high. new numbers out today show home sales rose in august to the fastest pace in more than two years. and ground breaking on new homes also climbed. suggesting recovery is starting to gain traction. and the bay area is experiencing an even stronger surge. nbc bay area's marianne favro and the housing market. >> well, this sold sign says it all. bay area housing market is sizzling. experts tell me that we have officially returned to the days of multiple offers. looking to buy a home? you may drive miles from san jose neighborhoods before spogt o -- spotting one of these. santa clara, a home sales surge. on average sales are up 13.5% compared to last year. in this neighborhood they skyrocketed a whopping 21% compared to last year. low interest rates are certainly
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helping. >> buyers have really caught fire in the last sex m-- fire i months if they don't get in they may miss out altogether. sellers are encourage to put their homes on the market because buyers are buying in droves. >> the president of the association of realtors says home sales are also spiking because rents are so high. and then, there is the facebook factor. >> i think facebook is driving the bay area. foreclosures and short sales dropped replaced by multiple offers. >> generally, for a house at the lower end of the market i think you can probably bank on getting between 15 and 25 offers. >> multiple offers set up bidding wars that drive prices up. she says with very few homes on the market right now, home prices throughout the bay area will likely keep on climbing. it's clearly a sellers' market
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right now. if you are looking to buy a home, experts suggest that you get preapproved first. and attend the very first open house. if you like the home and want to buy it make an offer right away. try not to impose too many restrictions on that offer. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> a competitive market. thank you. large scale riot at fulsom state prison left 11 hospitalized including one shot and wounded by officers. the department of corrections says the fighting ]. out in a yard at maximum security facility, shortly before noon today. it's not clear how many inmates were involved. at least ten were either stabbed or slashed. no prison personnel were hurt. it is at least the second known disturbance within a year at prison commonly known as new fulsom after it opened next to the old building. east of sacramento. concern the riot would have a
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ripple effect. the unrest did not spread. >> for the first time in four years, oakland is training a class of new police recruits to hit the streets. dozens of men and women will spend sex months learning the policing skills needed to fight crime. city leaders say this police academy is the most diverse ever. jodi hernandez intro duduced it new batch of recruits this morning. jodi. >> they are enthusiastic. for 27 weeks. 54 men and women will train to take on one of the toughest jobs in the bay area. training to become oakland police officers. with the city's disturbing crime trends, it's helped the department and what it desperately needs. >> they're young, diverse, and enthusiastic. you're looking at oakland's first police academy in four years. cadets who signed up to police tuft streets of oakland. >> the reality is that we do
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have a lot of crime in oakland. and it is really important that we are able to have police presence when it is needed. >> city leaders didn't cannedy colt the challenging realitytt -- the 58 men and women will face. the staff is constantly put to the test. >> after 4 1/2 years of not having academies you have a lot on your shoulders. you symbolize the rebuilding of the department, you symbolize the future of the department. >> reporter: the new recruits are up for the challenge. they say the city crime stats don't scare them. >> when i look at it. i don't see crime rates. i see a braight future. >> i was in the u.s. army for 3 1/2 years, i did one tour in iraq i guess you can say that kind of prepares me mentally. >> city leaders are pleased with what they see so far. the 166th academy.
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is the most diverse ever with record 15 women, 11 languages spoken. >> this is the first-class we have had in several years. it really looks much more like the city than past classes. >> to give you an idea of how understaffed the department is -- currently there are 632 sworn oakland police officers down from 809 just three years ago. and the department is still recruiting two more academies are scheduled to take place next year. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. vallejo's mayor hoping to regain the trust of some in the community. at issue an officer involved shooting that took place september 2nd. vallejo police shot and killed a 23-year-old man sitting in a parked car outside of his home. officers say the man got out of the car and reached for what turned out to be a pellet gun.
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the man's sister claims she watched the entire incident, and the police account is false. now, the mayor davis is requesting city council to call on state attorney general caramela harris to condeuct an independent review. seven shootings since may, five fatal. >> freemont police are trying to track down two suspects. all described as hispanic, between 5'6", and 5'8." three men believed in late 30s or early 40s. police say the youngest suspect, a man in his 20s, may have had silver braces on his teeth. the victim, a 49-year-old woman who did not want to be shown on camera says she was taking a mid morning nap when she woke up to four men standing around her. one of them had a gun. the attack happened back on september 8th. she says the men beat her before taking off with her cell phone
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and some jewelry. a flasher on campus. keeping uc-berkeley police busy. issuing a warning to students after a man exposed himself at family housing facility. monday the man pretended to be a maintenance worker. he asked a woman home with her two children to let him into her apartment. after getting inside he appeared to inspect the apartment. after using the restroom. the man came out and exposed himself the woman screamed. the man ran off. a white male. 50 years old. 6 feet. thin build. thinning gray hair. a long sleeve shirt and khaki pants. new details involving a cello stolen from the san francisco conservatory of music. the instrument in the hand of its owner, adam young. taken sunday from an unlocked storage locker at the conservatory. a security camera captured a well dressed couple walking into the building and leaving with the cello. late last night, a security
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guard found the instrument blocks away from the conservato conservatory. >> it was shocking to see someone else carrying my instrument away from school. it is the first time in my entire life i've didn't know where my cello was. >> police are still looking for the couple in this video. anyone with information is urged to call police. california mass transit boosters are celebrating federal government apruaproval of phase. the okay eliminates a hurdle from the bullet train. the approval refers off to the 65 mile leg from merced to fresno which will be the first portion built. supporters worry that today's grown light could unleash more lawsuits from central valley opponents. some farmers are claiming the environmental reviews have not been thorough. call it a bad bet. police arrested 25-year-old juan darwin martinez near lodi for
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filing a false report. the sheriff deputies say martinez told his girlfriend and police three men kidnapped him outside a san jose liquor store monday night. he allegedly told authorities his kidnappers threatened to kill him but let him go after taking $1,500 and uncashed check. detectives discovered martinez was gambling at the casino from 10:00 monday night until 3:00 in the morning. spotted on the casino's security video. breaking news now -- our nbc chopper on the scene within the past few minutes. a live look now in contra costa, contra costa county firefighters put out a gas station fire in martinez. at virginia hills safeway. the helicopter pulls out there. the fire is out. three cars caught fire as well. as two gas pumps. thankfully the fire is out. thankfully no one was injureden the fire. once again, martinez. still ahead at 6:00, the
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warning on the peninsula for women about an attacker. why police are concerned he is getting bolder with his moves. >> the elimination of the truancy abatement program in san jose. what kind of impact is it having? we'll take a look coming up. >> how does the bay area rank? the richest americans living in our backyard. >> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, nbc bay area weather center. third day in a row now with fall temperatures here across the bay area. just 75 in livermore. nice and cool for you this time of year. south san jose, 76. headed to the giants game, comcast sports net as well. it will know doubt be a cold one. bring a jacket. back with more in just a few minutes.
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that means be thinning past monday there are no officers assigned to look for kids skipping class. let's bring in damian trujillo who first reported the cuts and joins us from james lake high school. what impact are we seeing since the cuts? >> well, raj, the school districts around the area are crunching the numbers. now since schools lose money for every student who is not in class, james lick high school is hosting a special saturday class. off to make up some -- >> to make up some of the fun. >> reporter: it didn't take long to find teenagers at the stripmall not in class. some designeded eddecided to w county bus before lunchtime. >> a big concern. we have many students across the district not attending on a regular basis. >> schools get almost $45 per day for every student in class. since the school year started. the eastside union school district says 800 students are
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now kconsidered borderline truants. that is roughly a $70,000 hit to the district so far. >> every day that, that the student is out. we are losing money. >> what time do you start school? >> the sergeant's anti-abatement team made contact with 3,100 kids last year. as of monday, his tab's team of officers is no longer looking for truants because more cops were needed on the streets to prevent violent crimes. the principal at james lick is measuring the impact of that loss, and hopes the change will help keep his of students who do want to come to school, safe. >> given that these are lean years -- we're quite pleased the fund are going to be used to promote safety in our neighborhood. >> even it means, eight, nine, absent teenagers cost his district more than $400 per day. and we did not hear back from the other two big san jose school districts. now, on the positive side, james
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lick high school says, it is one of the most improved schools in the entire santa clara county. whereas four, five years ago they had 14 students going on to a four-year university. that number is now up to 72. we're live in san jose. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> cal state trustees approved a off to i tuition hike, it would go into effect if proposition 30 fails, and the state cuts $250 million in csu funding. under the plan students would see a 5% tuition increase in january. in state students would pay roughly $150 more per semester. better late than never. starting today, california joins at least ten other states in a loug voa -- allowing voters to register on line. before, they could fill out registration forms on the website. but would have to seen a paper copy, for signature verification by their counties election officials. under the new system though, the
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whole process is electronic with the voters, electronic signature checked against dmv records. applicants must have a driver's license or state id card. more convenient for voters and the government. >> from the government side it will be more efficient and more accurate. eliminate typos nobody has to decipher handwriting and type that information into a computer system. >> dead lean to register for november election coming up. october 22nd. the state record show that more than 6 million californians could register to vote but just haven't done so at least not yet. tens of thousand of people are turning out in san francisco this week to talk technology. all part of an annual conference put on by bay air-based sales force. nbc bay area's joe rosatto jr. shows us why it is one of the largest tech gatherings in the world. >> reporter: at one point or another. nearly everyone will sit in a
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conference room attending some boring old conference. this is not that kind of conference. transformed to a city within a city, for the dream force. >> we have howard street closed down. turned it into a park. people are out there playing chess. watching videos. listening to amazing bands. >> imagine 90,000 people, a tenth the population of san francisco, listening, and dining in the largest single vendor tech gathering anywhere in the were. >> we have brought everybody here to really energize them. educate them. show them the future of innovation what's happening in the industry. >> the ten tth largest annual conference for the san francisco based company. specializes in cloud storage and sales branding. how big? the event took over the mosconi center, five hotels and san
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francisco's civic center. >> working right across the street. a pretty huge influx of people. yeah, it's -- it's far larger than the average conference down in this area. >> with celebrities, tony robbins and richard branson, the red hot chili peppers will play a concert this evening. >> free lunch. free swag. people are willing to give you a button. a hat, a shirt. i think they're giving away head celtics in there. >> organizers say the gathering's size is a sign of growing interest in social media related technology. and for san francisco, it's a sign that at laeast for this week, the city is to become a technology hub in the middle of a tech revolution. >> all about the cloud. 90,000 people and big party in san francisco. a lot had aye phoniphones in th. waiting for the newest this friday. long line at apple stores.
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business and tech reporter, scott budman has a preof what you will find on the new iphone. scott? >> go from dream force. right in line at apple. might have taken a while, raj, lots of people took the time to download the operating system for mobile devices. preview of what is to come for those who plan to buy the iphone 5. apple's operating system update did not come without glitches. lots reporting problems getting on to wi-fi after loading ios 6. if you are one we found fixes on line. they're there. investors not too upset. apple creeped up to a new all-time high. apple's rival, samsung, says it will build a research and development center in mountain view. the new center could hold as many as 1,500 employees. samsung in the bay area, says it plans to start building in the middle of next year. another long time bay area resident going strong. adobe systems released earnings.
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software giant says income moved higher as the company sold copies of photoshop, reader. adobe says the future cloudy. shares of the stock dipping a bit in after hours trading. speaking of money. our annual chance to dream. forbes list of richest americans is out. and yes, it include that young man, face book ceo mark zuckerberg. as you check the stats. his net worth has dropped by nearly half in fact to $9.4 billion. that is only good enough for 36th place. topping the list. bill gates of microsoft. super investor warren buffett. and larry ellison, ceo of oracle. bay area also represented by the co-founders of google. each were@but $20 billion each. and eric schmidt, $7.5 billion. fittingly about to go to jeff ranieri. >> took the word right out of my mouth. >> why doesn't scott just toss to jeff. jeff. >> keep it in the billionaire lineup. >> billion dollar forecast
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coming up here. we head through the next, 24/48 hours. billion dollars, my paycheck. not quite. get a look. hard to argue with some of the weather. some thought maybe a couple million, a billion. never know. 75, livermore. 74 in the valley. all of the heat across california trapped across fresno with low spread low 90s. anywhere near the bay. temperatures are quite a bit cooler. not only the onshore flow. also some colder air aloft helping keep numbers down. 5, 10 degrees from where they should be. in some, the extreme south bay here in campbell, also in cuppertino. and mid to upper 60s. take you outside of live, camera network. clear skies across the bay. downtown looking incredible for tonight. going to set in some more cold weather. into the overnight. back to the weather boards. tracking low pressure. past, three, four days. this is still slow. somebody on a road trip without
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any kind of road map. so, with that said. it is going to be meandering, next couple days. there are two potential scenarios for this tricky weekend system. sunday, the more likely one would have this going, inland. so more of this inland track would produce dry weather. areas of patchy fog. also a 30% chance that this storm system could also -- go more offshore. if that were to happen. that's where things start to switch over off to the next gear. that could mean ims lasolated showers. cooler with. fog, drizzle. off shore track. looks lick s like again. drier scenario. nonetheless, temperatures falling. first day of fall. saturday. sunday. more in the seven day. >> that looks like, i don't know, billion dollars maybe. >> i think so. looks good. >> a few hundred million. coming up. the fight to save a south bay landmark. >> pair pollution never smelled so good. the new link between hamburgers
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and pollution.
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>> dna collection, vital crime fighting tool or violation of civil rights. 11 judges on a federal appeals court, heard arguments several indicated they have big problems with the california dna law. approved in 2004 it allows police to take samples from any one arrested on felony charges. whether they're prosecuted or not. today, lawyers for the aclu argued that amounts to unconstitutional search and seizure. the state attorney general's office called the cheek swab test minimally invasive and compared it to taking a fingerprint or photograph. they cite the local case as a crime which resulted in an arrest because of dna collection. >> had we not collected dna during the defendant's arrest in a prior case, we wouldn't have
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that in a database to later come par -- compare to a big high profile crime in the south bay. they point to the cases saying this is why we need the law. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals will release its ruling in writing later this year. >> south bay old-timers and perhaps new fans are gathering right now in menlo park to defend a landmark. fate of the old radar tower, atop the mountain is debated in tonight's meeting of the mid peninsula open space district. final decision made next month to tear down the cinder block building or restore it. the tower hasn't had radar for decades. a radar dish at least. air force operated the station. see it right there. a lot of local folks want to honor the service by allowing the building to stand. still ahead at 6:00. damage control. mitt romney is back on the campaign trail following the release of a leaked video. how his campaign is trying to fight back. plus --
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>> police are warning women to be aware of a serial attacker who, may be a serial offender. >> harvest time at bay area wineries. we are going to go behind the voonz f vips f vines.
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it can happen in the safest neighborhoods the maned toed s woman. it isso somimilar to two recent cases. why police believe the three cases are related. >> well, raj, suspect description is very similar. what happened is very similar as well. because, today's attack happened. where it did and when it did. police fear he could be escalating. the serenity of the trail
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connecting a park and menlo park was shattered by a man who attacked a woman out for a jg at 7:00 this morning. pallo alto police say he came up behind her bear hugged her, groping her chest. tried to pull her to the ground. she wrig ald way and fell. when the suspect took off. >> she actually started jogging after him, still screaming. picked up her cell phone she had with her and called us on the phone. while she was following him from a safe distance. >> within hours of this morning's attack, palo alto police posted suspects along the trail warning wichl ining wome. >> hate for it to stop me. i guess i will keep an eye out. maybe find some people to walk with. >> the suspect described as a 40-year-old, middle eastern or hispanic man, 5'9", wearing a gray long sleeve t-shirt dark running pants. police believe he may have attacked two other women in august.
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he groped one woman's buttocks as she stood by her car, on august 20th. and may have grabbed another woman's breasts at the shopping center a week later. both attacks happened at the noon hour. police say the fact that the attack happened earlier in an area with fewer witnesses is concerning. >> the highest priority to apprehend this guy and get him behind bar. we are worried his behavior is getting increasingly da lly dan. >> reporter: police are cautioning wiccaution ing women to carry their cell phone if heading out to an area not populated or odd hour, perhaps they find a buddy to walk or jog. police are warning everyone to make sure that if you are listening to music out and about, not to use headphones or ear bud in both ears. then you cannot hear if some one is approaching you from behind. chris sanchez. bay area news. >> good advice. the oakland police chief says his department is working hard to get a handle on the city's
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street robberies. the chief announced they arrest 34 people in the past month. they identified two different robbery crews. they belief have been responsible for many of these cases. the chief says the target continues to be electronics, specifically smartphones and urging the community to pay attention. >> the victims in most cases are women, or people that are distracted by, use of their cell phone. whether talking on the cell phone. or texting while walking. they have reports of 144, stolen smart phones since june. they say in most of the cases the thieves used guns to get the devices. >> taxpayers on the hook for the condo of a retired educator. the board of education will make a pivotal decision. charles weiss retired in june. as an incentive to move here
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2008, the board offered a low interest loan. weiss baltimore a $900,000 luxury condo, downtown san jose. now the loan is due. he says he can't sell the condo for what he paid. the condo is underwater. he wants the board to take ownership of the condo and sell it or lease it. taxpayers say it sound unfair. >> we can't just be like, yeah, we bought our house, and then, you know, we can't, the economy goes down. and we're like, okay, well take the house back. it's not right. >> yeah, definitely don't agree with that. >> the board expected to kid the matter tonight in closed session. we reached out to the board president but have not heard back. top u.s. security officials are calling the killings at the u.s. consulate in libya last week a terrorist attack. but what remains under debate is whether that attack was planned or spontaneous. nbc's danielle lee has more on the tough questions from
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senators during the briefing on the state of u.s. security today. off awe s three of the top u.s. security officials called this scene last week, that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, where four americans died, evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> much else is unanswered or under dispute. was al qaeda involved? >> we are looking at indications that individuals in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. >> was the attack planneded like libya insists or spontaneous as officials believe. >> i just don't think that people come to protest equipped with rpgs and other heavy weapons. >> we are conducting interviews. gathering evidence. trying to sort out the facts. >> as investigators sort out the facts. the families are laying their loved ones to rest. today a funeral procession in
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massachusetts for one of the former navy seals. scenes of sadness. susan collins says could have been prevented had the consulate been better protected. she asked why the u.s. relied on limited number of lbi ialibyan instead mau instead of marines. >> i'm stunned and appalled. >> secure one of the factors under evaluation as the u.s. tries to prevent a similar attack. in washington, danielle lee, nbc news. the secretly recorded video continues to hamper the romney campaign. several republicans in tight congressional races distanced themselves from his di missive remarks about americans who receive government assistance. in "the wall street journal," it's team to admit the romney campaign is an in competent one. in atlanta, romney stood firm on his comments making them part of his message. >> the question of this campaign
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is not who cares about the poor and the middle-class. i do, he does. the question is, who can help the poor and the middle class? >> with seven weeks until the election, president obama spent a rare day inside the white house. while his campaign savored gallup poll results, showing him leading mitt romney by 2%. developing news in southern california. 20 people stuck. 300 feet in the air on a ride at knotts berry farm. located near anaheim. live picture from our nbc chopper you. can see riders are stuck. this is the wind seeker ride. they have been stuck for two hours now. and if you look closely in the center, when they sfwlozoom in. there are mechanics on scene, working to get the ride operating. the second malfunction at knott's berry farm in two weeks. this exact same ride broke down september 7th. doesn't look like there are injuries.
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people are safe. just stuck high up there. 300 feet. of course, we'll be following this. give you information as it becomes available. numbers are hard to swallow. study by uc river side, shows commercial char broilers, ones used at your favorite burger joint, emit twice the amount of pollution as diesel trucks. our sister station in los angeles has more on this. sizzling at 600 degrees. this grill is kicking up more pollution than a big rig. the finding of uc riverside engineering students. they crunched the numbers on a per burger base. >> drive a diesel truck 143 miles to put out the same mass of particles as one char broiled hamburger. >> they say each patty releases five grams of particulate mat near southern california's air.
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>> everybody overlooks the cooking industry. we put up a lot of e mission from restaurants. >> they know this after cooking thousand of pound of beef. and the numbers they admit might be hard for some restaurant owners to swallow. commercial cooking is the second largest source. behind road dust. >> it is cleaner than diesel exhaust. nobody is suggesting turning off the grill. >> knowing a burger could produce pollution would it change your opinion on eating one? >> i don't know. if it would change it that draixly. drastically. it is hoped this research will led to an affordable filter system. >> it's still, makes me hungry for dinner right about now. still to come here at 6:00. toxins lurking in your cabinet. could it be? the new alert for any one who eats rice. >> good evening, jeff ranieri in
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the weather center. cold out here right now. some of the numbers close to where we should be for overnight lows. freemont at 58 degrees. so, no doubt. cold start for tomorrow morning. allergy forecast getting a little better. tell you when it could get better in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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chick-fil-a says it will no longer fund groups which oppose game marriage. this is video of a protest when the new chick-fil-a opened in san jose last month. the ceo stirred up controversy when he said he supports the "biblical definition of the family unit" between 2008 and
6:42 pm
2010, the foundation which funded almost entirely by chick-fil-a's owners, gave $3 million to groups that advocate against same-sex marriage. now, the chain says it will not support organizations with political agendas. an eye opening report about rice. the report reveals alarming levels of arsenic found in rice. consumer reports tested more than 200 of the most popular brand of rice products and discovered elevated levels of the potentially dangerous toxin, arsenic. the fda does not reg late levels in food, only water. it started oi eed its own investigation. their preliminary dalta ta is similar to the consumer reports findings. >> we need a larger daltabase t do risk analysis. >> many experts are waiting to find out more before recommending changes to anyone's
6:43 pm
diet. one last note in the report, brown rice samples tended to be higher in arsenic than the white rice. >> outside for a brief walk. i found it unseasonably cool, jeff. >> you sound like a meteorologist. >> sound like you. >> unseasonably cool. very fitting. unseasonably cold out here for parts of the bay area as well. we have clear skies. we'll talk who will be the coldest for tomorrow morning, potentially some low 40s in a few minutes. >> let's talk about something that is seasonably cool. both bay area baseball teams in action tonight. randy moss, speaks out about his return to minnesota. plus the giants look to continue their winning ways against the rockies. who deserves the credit. that's next from the xfinity sports dex.
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fall around the corner. local vineyard are in harvest mode. barbara dell takes us to livermore where they're working fast to get the grapes off the vines. >> the weather is great. knock on wood. should be a great vintage. >> the glamour of a winemaker. carl, traipsing through dusty vineyard, overseeing the picking
6:46 pm
of his grapes at this ungodly hour. but the temperature is just right. >> just like processing fresh fruit. you want to keep it cal to maintain the fruit flavors, to make it into the wine. temperature is critical. >> the decision to pick on this day at roughly this hour is based on fruit's sugar levels. one of many critical choices he will make over ten months as he turns this juice into the 2012 morning fog chardonnay. >> really making decisions that affect a year to two years in advance. it makes it pretty fun and crazy. >> how do you wrap your head around that? >> have patience. always think, lord grant me to know the wisdom what i can control, not control. control the controllables and do what you can. >> ooh, harvest is here. let's bring in jeff ranieri, what do you think, jeff? good harvest? >> we'll have to wait and see. we know we are heading into weak, moderate el nino.
6:47 pm
wild ride throughout fall and winter to. day would have the colder wind, 15 to 30 miles an hour. we have a lot of cold air aloft. dome of chilly air across northern california. that's what is dropping interior numbers down. 60s across the bay. need a jacket. live, sky camera network. san jose. no not your tv. yellow haze, of course, sun setting producing a beautiful array of colors across downtown san jose. one of the top five largest cities here in california. let's bring you back into the weather boards. what we will follow over 48 hours. the system that has been with us four days. it will stay pretty much in the same spot for the next -- two days. that's how slow and stubborn it has been. there is really no other better adjectives to use than that. pretty much what we have been saying. past couple days.
6:48 pm
eventually by friday, saturday, sunday. start to move closer to us. for us, mainly looking at cool, some very crisp air across the bay area. that fog, moving up against, coastline. there is only about a 30% chance. we may see showers, this upcoming sunday. so, generally just expect this fall pattern, to stay in the forecast. 50s, 60s for the coastline. for interior valleys. another mild day. getting ready for fall. few days. widespread 70s. isolated 80s in the extreme east and south bay. your futurecast morning, thursday. will start with extensive low cloud cover for the north bay. entire coastline. also fog. maybe a little drizzle. low clouds. see a little fit neared sltered. a lot of interior valleys will clear out. san francisco, coast. parts of the north bay will have the cloud. doesn't look like the sun is going to be full on out. until we head into 1:002,:00 p.m. and some of the coldest numbers
6:49 pm
expected for tomorrow morning. we talked about, really how chilly it is out there right now. up in annapolis. 43. 46. record setting cold for parts of north bay. daytime highs. will go warmer in south bay. 77 san jose. 75, palo alto. east bay. warmest numbers. 78 in pleasantton. 79, walnut creek. for san francisco, no 70s for you. it will be comfortable. pretty much what you are used to. 68. 80. and 62. the forecast. fall is in sight. saturday. low 80s. 60s at the coastline. look at this. as we head on over to sunday. numbers get even cooler with upper 70s. fog and drizzle. only about a 30% chance of an isolated shower. will not add the rain icon. monday, tuesday, wednesday, a little jacket weather coming in
6:50 pm
here. good news for you allergy sufferers, tuesday, cooler weather 70sing in the lower pollen, should be in the atmosphere. >> nice. what a relief. >> going to be good. >> thank you. >> let's got to sport. let's get to sports. bring in henry from comcast sportsnet vienewsroom. henry, take it away. >> hello. good news for giants fans. dodgers lost game one of the double-header today. san francisco's magic number is dropping fast. like a bad stock on wall street. the magic number is done to 6. the g-man to clinch the west. and jamie explains why the offense deserves the spotlight. >> the giants hatve two guys at the top of the order. and angel pagan, in runs, triples, doubles. and it all adds up to two guys
6:51 pm
setting the tone for the rest of the team. >> they're good hitters. you know. they're patient hitters. they find a way to get on base. any manager. the first two guys. important guys in your lineup. >> we will be able to, score runs. and, wat tie do their, their thing. you know, i think, the team, just -- and i would look to. and the chances of scoring, when they do score first. they are 60-19. the fourth best record in mate your leagues. reporting from at & t park. over to the as, tigers. bottom of the third.
6:52 pm
runners, second and third. omar infante gets ahold of one. doubles to left. dirk and laird score. 2-0. later in the inning. bases loaded. brett anderson was on the hill. this is not good. he slips on his followthrough. he would leave the game and right now, the as are in trouble. they're losing a-0. 8th inning. football. ondeck. 49ers. a meeting. and randy moss, played parts of eight seasons with the vikings. moss isn't sure what kind of reception he will get. apparently he doesn't really care. >> one thing about -- you know, praises, and boos, obviously you are doing something right. you know? so, i think that, that just, you know hang my hat on that. you know, you hear the applause, you do, and you hear the boos. but i think, just the boos being negative, just, you know, puts more pressure on you to go out and hush the noise up.
6:53 pm
>> we have injury news. raiders linebacker, orlando mclane suffered a concussion some time during oakland any loss to the dolphins. the injury makes his availability in question for sunday's home game against the pittsburgh steelers. we'll keep you updated on that. all right. the joker and the batman movie, dark knight who coined the phrase, why so serious. apparently, alex smith's uncle, john l. smith had the same question, during his tuesday press conference. smith, the head coach at arkansas, was just as disturbing with his delivery. >> you guys act like it's -- pick it up a little bit. okay. get your chin up. smile! smile! okay. dang, you guys, all right? if not, i'm not talking. let's get rolling. okay.
6:54 pm
rutgers coming to town this week. >> my goodness. remind me of our news director here, chris alivare. exact same way. alex smith fined $15,000 by the nfl each time he wears a san francisco giants' baseball cap to a post-game press conference. he is not allowed to wear it because san francisco giants do not sponsor the nfl. so that is crazy. crazy money. he did it all last year. you know that? >> that's ridiculous. >> i'm crazy for making the joke about my news director. i think i'm fired. may not see you at 11:00. >> henry, very nice working with you. >> thank you, henry. >> you got it. >> full half-hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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live pictures. update on news in southern california. 20 people stuck, 300 feet in the air for nearly three hours now on the wind seeker ride at knott's berry farm. near anaheim. mechanics are working on the ride now to get it unstuck. they have got to work fast it is getting dark. 7:00 right now. the same exact ride broke down less than two weeks ago. so, these people, hopefully will get their money back. >> maybe a season pass. hopefully get down soon. looks like they're okay. hanging out. the ride stuck three hours now. we will keep you posted. >> have a great evening. hope to see you back at 11:00. >> good night.
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